Household Arts

For Students From Other Lands

an augmented reality dollhouse for practicing life

by Ziv Schneider

Based on a course with the same title, taught at Teachers College in 1923, the story takes place in a virtual reconstruction of the National Better Home, a model home built that same year to provide a practice space for everyday life.

The Five classes of the course, take place in the different rooms of the house. The artist, who came to the US as a foreign student herself, plays the role of a tour guide in this gamified simulation, her avatar taking the viewer through an abbreviated interpretation of the curriculum embedded with historical anecdotes and personal stories.  

Five floor plans are the setting for the five sessions of the course. Holding up an ipad to these targets triggers interactive dioramas that the audience can surround while moving the character around the room to unlock animated lessons. Once all lessons are complete, the user has completed the class.

The app is best experienced on tablet devices

make sure to print these to use the app:


Created by: Ziv Schneider
Unity development: Svitlana Moiseyenko, Ziv Schneider
Design Assistant: Itay Niv
3D modeling: Kristian Tot
Animation: Thuong Tin Nguyen
animations partially adapted the Carnegie Mellon motion capture database
3D character artist: Andrés Perez
Research and outlining: Clio Davis

EdLab team: Zoe Logan, Renata Gaui, Angela Perrone, Veronica Black 
Special thanks: Jennifer Govan, ~shirin anlen

commissioned by and made in collaboration with